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Strong winds are second nature to most of us in Florida. However
common, they can still wreak havoc on your property or your home.
While you may not notice it, these gale force winds are attacking your
home daily, causing structural damage issues that, if unnoticed,
cause much larger issues years from initial damage points.

One of the worst culprits of long-standing structural issues is wind damage, which can result in holes,
leaks or worse years afterward.

Did You Know:

Wind damage is often hidden under insurance policies.
Even withthat determining factor:

• 1 in 35 homes file insurance claims for wind damage, on
• Off all Floridians filing for wind damage due to Hurricane
Irma, only 1.5% did not file a wind claim.
• Despite it’s reputation, Florida is one of five of the least
windy states in the US.

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insurance claim and offer answers to your questions and
concerns about wind damage

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Let The Experts Help File Your Insurance Claim

Insurance policies do not consider hurricane winds and wind damage to be the same thing, unfortunately. Do you know what your insurance policy covers, or what classifies as what? If not, you should find a lawyer who can help you discern the differences. Quite often, insurance companies will take advantage of customers regularly, denying policy holders of part or all of their claim earnings they are entitled.
Connect with Florida’s most revered insurance claim legal firm to ensure your claim is handled properly the first time.

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Stabilize Your Home. Keep The Breeze Out.

Looking for signs of wind damage on your home and your property is a responsibility to take seriously. Homeowners must ensure all damage is reported and documented properly in the beginning claim stages, or else you could easily miss the opportunity to earn your maximum claim potential. Let the Kling Law team help you navigate through the tricky verbiage and nuances of your insurance policy so you can keep the wind down and your claim accurate.
Kling Law will sail through your insurance claim with you to help make sure your claim is filed to the maximum potential.


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